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Last updated, 18th June, 2017

We are fortunate in Australia to have probably the world's best supply of quality fresh produce all year round. The fruit and vegetables we are supply are sourced from Sydney Markets each morning, from local growers wherever possible. We only sell produce that is grown in Australia (except currently Kiwifruit is from New Zealand and Garlic from Mexico - due to no available Australian)


Apples -  In season. Pink Lady, Jazz and Granny Smith apples are excellent quality - fresh, crisp and juicy.

Avocados - Hass variety is in season.

Bananas - Market price is a bit higher due to colder weather and recent rain in Northern QLD.

Berries - QLD strawberries are now in season. Quality is very good and price should come down over the coming weeks.

Grapes - Both white and red grapes are out of season until December.

Kiwifruit - The Australian season has come to an end. We are now buying New Zealand fruit.

Lemons and Limes - Very good quality and value.

Mandarines - The QLD season for Imperial mandarines is coming to an end. The South Australian season will commence soon.

Oranges - Navels are in season - excellent quality.

Passionfruit - Temporarily unavailable due to shortage in supply - an impact of recent rain in QLD.

Pears - Packams are in season - very good quality.

Pineapples (topless) - Quality and value are excellent.

Rockmelons - Quality and value is very good.

Stonefruit - Out of season until Mangoes begin around October.

Watermelon - Good quality and value.


Asparagus - Out of season. New Australian season starts around August / September.

Beans - Availability has improved. Very good quality machine picked beans are available now.

Broccoli - Excellent quality and value.

Capsicums - Supply of both reds and greens is very good right now.

Cauliflower - Excellent quality and value.

Carrots - We buy the very best - sweet and tender. Cost a little more but worth it.

Celery - Very good quality and value.

Corn - QLD corn is more expensive than usual.

Cucumbers - We source the very best Sydney grown Lebanese cucumbers available direct from the grower.

Eggplant - Scarce due to recent weather issues in QLD - quality very good.

Lettuce -  Iceberg has improved. Salad leaves and hydroponic are very good quality.

Potatoes - Quality and value are excellent.

Pumpkin - All varieties are good quality and value - especially butternut.

Snowpeas - Cold weather in Victoria has increased the price of our locally grown snowpeas.

Sweet Potato - Gold sweet potato is very good quality and value.

Tomatoes - Very scarce due to the recent heavy rain in QLD. The Bowen district lost most of their crop. Cherry and grape tomatoes are very good, however price is up due to increased demand in the market.

Zucchini - Very good quality and value.

Tailor your own fruit and vegetable box. You can also set up your order to repeat automatically on days that you nominate.
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