Welcome to our new website


We hope that our new site provides you with an improved online shopping experience. We will be adding more features to the site over the coming weeks and months. This will include a new box design.

We have created a new system for ordering mixed boxes. We hope you like it. Please see ‘how it works’ for more info.

Your account details / passwords etc should be able to be accessable on the new site. If you have any issues please contact us. You won’t be able view your order history from last year or previous years, but if you need access to old invoices please contact us and we can email them to you.

For customers with an existing repeat order, we will set these up for you over the coming days. If you would like to re-set yourself that would be great – just let us know so we don’t double up.

If you have any issues with using the site please contact us. We would also appreciate if you see any errors, typos or anything else which doesn’t make sense, to contact us so we can rectify.


Brendan and the sydneyfresh team.