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Frequently Asked Questions
If you need to edit something about your order like box size, additional items or importantly address, the only way to do so is to delete the current repeat order and set up a new one. You can change the box preferences any time without having to delete the repeat order. If for example you have a repeat order for a weekly $40 box and you want to increase to a weekly $50 box: 1) Login to your account 2) Click 'Your Account' (top right of screen) 3) Click 'Your Repeat Orders' 4) Click 'Delete Repeat Order' 5) Go to Mixed Boxes, order the mixed box and delivery day you require and then elect to set up a repeat order after order confirmation. Unfortunately our online system doesn't allow for editing the repeat order without deleting the existing order. But the process listed above should take no more than a couple of minutes.
You can place an order up until 9pm the night before your scheduled delivery day. For example, if we deliver to your suburb on Tuesdays and Thursdays, your order needs to be received before 8pm Monday evening for a Tuesday delivery, otherwise the next available delivery day will be Thursday.

You can find out what days and times we deliver to your suburb by entering your postcode in the space provided on our homepage. 

You can text or phone us on 0407 972 499, and we will usually be able to cancel the order for you.Please note: We do not have time to check emails during the day, so all late cancellations need to be received by text or phone
As long as there is somewhere safe to leave your box you do not need to be home when we deliver. Usually a shady spot out of streetview near the front door is fine. If you choose to pay by Cash on Delivery then please let us know in the 'Delivery Instructions' where you intend to leave payment - under the doormat or in the letterbox are good places.

If you live in a security building and will not be home, it may be best to have the box delivered to your workplace (please check delivery time is suitable), or maybe there is a garage / car space or neighbour where we can leave your box.

We are happy to collect your empty delivery boxes. Please leave them out for collection with your next delivery.

We purchase all our produce daily from the Sydney Markets at Flemington. It is then delivered direct from our warehouse to your door. You will not find fresher produce anywhere in Sydney. We source only 100% Australian grown produce. Since Sydney Fresh was started 14 years ago, we sourced Australian grown produce wherever possible. However there are some items that are not grown all year round in Australia, and the only way to satisfy demand was to source imported. We have recently made the decision to now source only Australian grown. Some of the benefits of this are: * Customers can be assured that every single item available on our site has been grown in Australia * We are encouraging customers to buy according to what's in season. * When people become more accustomed to eating what's in season, they can really look forward to and appreciate, for example, the first Summer Grapes, or the first Spring Asparagus. * We are supporting the Australian horticultural industry, which applies strict standards to the way our produce is grown. * Australia has the best all round year supply of clean, fresh produce in the world. The main disadvantage is that some items will not be available at certain times of the year. For example, grapes and stonefruit are imported from USA between May and October; Asparagus is imported between March and August. We feel the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. And as always, wherever possible, we buy produce that is grown in and around the Sydney Basin.
There is no delivery charge - delivery is free.
The minimum order is $40

You can choose to pay either by using our Secure Credit Card Payment facility, or Cash or Cheque on Delivery. Our drivers only carry limited change, so it would be appreciated if you could have as close to the correct money as possible. Cheques are made payable to You may also pay via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) - please contact us for A/C details.

Important note: If you choose Cash on Delivery and for any reason have not been able to pay when the delivery arrives, we expect that you contact us within 24 hours to arrange payment.

We are confident that the produce you buy from us will be noticeably fresher than the produce you would get from a Supermarket or Fruit Shop. This is because we visit Flemington Markets every day - Monday to Friday.

We have the advantage of knowing exactly what we need to buy each day - based on the orders we receive for that day.

You can be confident that 90-95% of the produce in your order will be bought from Sydney Markets on the day of your delivery.
We are confident that our prices are equal to or better than most fruit shops and supermarkets.

And because our produce is fresher, it will last longer - and therefore there will be less wastage.

Also, when you take into account the time you will save shopping with us, plus the price of petrol you might use driving to the fruit shop - you will probably be much better off. 

Please contact us and let us know. Inevitably we will make mistakes, although hopefully not very often. We are more than happy to compensate you either by replacing the item(s) or refunding your money.


All card details are encrypted using the most up to date and comprehensive technology available. This means that nobody, including us, is able to view your credit card details at anytime.

We place the highest priority on your privacy and will not under any circumstances pass on your details to a third party. Please view our Privacy Policy for more details.
Tailor your own fruit and vegetable box. You can also set up your order to repeat automatically on days that you nominate.
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