Who are we?

We first opened for business in October 2001, and since then have continually improved and expanded to become what we are fairly sure is Sydney’s best fruit and vegetable delivery service.

We specialise in delivering fresh fruit and vegetables to Sydney homes and offices. We source all of our produce early each morning from Sydney Markets, where we pack each order and deliver the same day.

Quality and Freshness

We are confident that the quality and freshness of the produce you receive will be noticeably better than what you would get from a supermarket or even a fruit shop.

Through our many years experience we have developed strong relationships with local growers and agents at Sydney Markets.

When selecting your produce, we concentrate on flavour and not just how an item looks. We have the advantage of knowing exactly what we need to buy each morning – based on the orders we have received for that day.

At the end of each day there is virtually no ‘carry-over’ or wastage. You can be confident that at least 95% of the produce in your order will have been bought from Sydney Markets on the day of your delivery.


Our prices are mostly equivalent to and often better than supermarkets. Our many years experience buying at Sydney Markets and the supplier relationships we have developed help us get the best quality for a good price. Also, because our produce is fresher, it will last longer – which means less wastage. Unlike many delivery services, including the supermarkets, we do not charge a delivery fee.


We strive to make sure we :

  • Deliver your order on time.
  • Promptly return your emails, texts and missed calls.
  • Correct any mistakes, and accommodate your requests.

Fresh Fruit & Veg to your door

1. Place your order

2. Order confirmation

3. We source your produce and pack your order

4. We deliver to your home or office