Choosing the Right Box

You can choose to order either individual items, a mixed box, or a combination of both.

You can also choose to set up a subscription (the same order will be delivered on a weekly or fortnightly cycle).

Individual Items only – Simply click on ‘Shop’ and follow the steps through the checkout process. You can choose to set up a subscription, however please note that prices and availability of individual items can change from week to week, so it might suit you better to re-order manually as you need. We have found that subscriptions generally work better for mixed box orders, however the option is there if you choose.

Mixed boxes – You can access mixed boxes via the ‘Shop’ tab. Click on ‘view box’ to see the contents of today’s boxes. Please note that the contents may change from day to day due to market variations. An updated list is emailed to you at 9am the day before the delivery. Please see steps 1 and 2 below for more info.

Setting up a subscription is a convenient way to ensure you have a regular supply of fresh fruit and vegetables at your home or office. You can skip deliveries or cancel the subscription at anytime before 9pm on the day of the delivery. There is no contract or commitment required.

When ordering a mixed box, any ‘Never Includes’ that you have ticked will be replaced with additional items on that week’s list, starting with your ‘Favourites’.

If there is something that you definitely need in your box, it might be best to order these items in addition to a mixed box. For example, you could order a $40 mixed box plus an additional 15 pink lady apples and 2 lemons. This ensures that you will receive the apples and lemons. If you like, you could then edit your preferences and select red apples as ‘never’ so that you will only receive the 15 pink ladys, but no additional ones in the mixed box. You can set this type of order as a subscription if you choose.


Office Fruit boxes – Order using the same process as a for a mixed box (see above). The only difference is that it would be better to select ‘Office Fruit Box’¬†after clicking on the ‘Shop’ tab, rather than a ‘mixed box – all fruit’. Office fruit boxes contain more hand-held fruits, which are more suitable for staff than watermelons etc. When editing your preferences via the ‘Account’ tab, be sure to click on ‘Office Fruit Preferences’.

Ordering & Delivery

1. Placing your order

Please click the 'Shop' tab and follow the checkout process. If you order a mixed box you can set the box weighting (eg 75% fruit) at the checkout. You can adjust your mixed box preferences by clicking on the 'account' tab, either at the point of ordering or at any time before 11pm on the day before the delivery. You need to be logged in as a member to be able to do this. Don't forget to click 'save' when updating your preferences and box weighting, otherwise they will not take effect.

2. We pick and pack your produce

We arrive at Flemington Markets around 2-3am am each morning. A list of the items that are required for that is generated, and we search the market for the best quality and value. The orders are packed and loaded into our own delivery vans which hit the road around 9am.

3. It's delivered to your door

Your order should arrive within the time-window provided when you order. Depending on traffic conditions and the amount of orders we receive, your delivery may arrive a little earlier or later. If nobody is home the driver will leave the box in a shady spot out out of view from the street.


1. What is the cut-off time to place an order?
You can place an order up until 11pm the day before your scheduled delivery day.
You can check which days and times we deliver to your suburb by entering your postcode on the homepage.
Please text 0407 972 499 that you need to cancel, and we will usually be able to cancel the order for you. Please note: We do not have time to check emails during the day, so all late cancellations need to be received by text.
As long as there is somewhere safe to leave your box you do not need to be home when we deliver. Our drivers try to leave the box in a shady spot out of view from the street. If you live in a security building and will not be home, it may be best to have the box delivered to your workplace (please check delivery time is suitable), or maybe there is a garage / car space or neighbour where we can leave your box.
Sorry we are no longer collecting used boxes. We have found that when our vans are loaded with orders, space is at a premium, and it's not possible to add in old boxes. Also, a quick survey of customers made us realise that they generally prefer their produce to come in a new box rather than a 2nd hand one. Please dispose of the box in your re-cycle bin or re-use around the house.
We source our produce early each morning from the Sydney Markets. We source only 100% Australian grown produce.
There is no delivery charge - delivery is free.
The minimum order is $40
We are confident that the produce we deliver to you will be noticeably fresher than the produce you would get from a Supermarket or Fruit Shop. This is because we visit Flemington Markets every day. We have the advantage of knowing exactly what we need to buy each day - based on the orders we receive for that day.
Our prices are mostly equivalent to and often better than supermarkets. Our many years experience buying at Sydney Markets and the supplier relationships we have developed help us get the best quality for a good price. Also, because our produce is fresher, it will last longer - which means less wastage. Unlike many delivery services, including the supermarkets, we do not charge a delivery fee.
Please contact us and let us know. Inevitably we will make mistakes, although hopefully not very often. We are more than happy to compensate you either by replacing the item(s) or refunding you.
E-way handles all our card transactions. We do not view and are not able to access any card details. We do not store any card details on our site. They are securely stored with E-Way, using world-best technology.
We place the highest priority on your privacy and will not under any circumstances pass on your details to a third party.
Very rarely orders an order may go missing after a driver has left it. In this case we reserve the right to use our discretion, but generally we will give you the choice of us re-delivering the box at the next available date, or refunding 50% of the purchase cost.