Market Update

There is some excellent value and quality in the market right now. Broccoli, Cauliflower and leafy greens are all plentiful. Good value Mangoes are not too far away – they are in the Market, however price remains high.

Spring Vegetables, such as Asparagus and Broad Beans, are coming into season. Although Asparagus has yet to hit its peak yet, so price is still very high.

With the exception of Dates and Garlic from Mexico and KIwifruit from New Zealand, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.


Asparagus – The Australian season has started, however price is very high. The market price should drop significantly over the next week or so – so we will wait until then before buying.

Beans – Buying hand picked this week – quality and value are quite good

Broad Beans – Locally grown and in season for the next month or two.

Broccoli – We are sourcing from a local grower in Wilberforce (North/West of Sydney) Excellent quality and value

Brussels Sprouts – Quality is still very good, but as the weather becomes warmer

Capsicums – Market price for QLD grown red caps is slightly higher but quality is very good. Green are better value.

Cauliflower – In peak season – excellent quality and value

Corn – Price remains high, although has eased over the last week or so.

Cucumbers – At last price has come down, and should continue to as the weather warms.

Ginger – expensive right now – quality is very good

Lettuce – We are sourcing locally grown iceberg – excellent quality and value. Salad leaves are all very good quality.

Potatoes – Quality and value is very good. Brushed Sebago from QLD will start next week.

Pumpkins – Good quality and value.

Snowpeas – Locally grown. Excellent quality and value.

Tomatoes – From QLD right now – quality and value are very good.

Zucchini – QLD grown – excellent quality and value.



Apples – In peak season. Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Jazz and Galas are now available. Quality is excellent.

Avocados – Hass are very good quality, however due to limited supplies. market price is up.

Bananas – Quality and value are very good.

Berries – QLD strawberries are now in season – quality and value are very good. Blueberries from the Coffs Harbour region are also in plentiful supply. Raspberries are scarce and quality is inconsistent so I have stopped buying for the moment.

Grapes – Out of season. Crimsons are now not good enough to continue buying – which means that we won’t stock grapes until the new Australian season commences in December. Any grapes that you see in the stores from now until then will more than likely be from USA.

Kiwifruit – The New Zealand season for both green and gold is in full swing. The best time of year for Kiwi – the greens are particularly good right now. Gold Kiwi only has a few weeks to go – quality is excellent however price is high.

Lemons – Very good quality and value.

Limes – Very expensive right now.

Mandarins – Afourers are in season – very good eating.

Oranges – Navels from South Australia are very good quality – in peak season.

Pineapples – Good Quality and value.

Rockmelons – QLD rockmelons are now in good supply.

Stonefruit – Out of season. Any stonefruit that you see in the stores is imported from the USA. Some early Australian mangoes are in the market, however price is high. Best to wait another few weeks

Pears – Packam pears are good quality and value. Bosc and Corellas are coming to the end of their season

Watermelon – Scarce. Price is high.