Market Update



The varied weather across much of Australia has affected the quality and value of some varieties.

Broccoli – supply has improved over the last week.

Beans – Prices are high and quality is fairly ordinary right now – I will hold off buying and reassess at the end of the week.

Capsicums – Supply has improved over the last week.

Snowpeas, Sugarsnaps and Leeks are in season – very good quality and value.

Locally grown Snowpeas, Sugarsnap, Cucumbers and Zucchinis are in season – excellent quality and value.


The stonefruit season is in full swing now. Peaches and Nectarines are improving in flavour with every week.

Apples – I am currently buying Pink Lady and Granny Smiths only. Pinks Ladys are particularly good – crunchy and juicy. The season is gradually coming to an end however, so the market price for premium quality fruit is higher.

Avocados – Supply is good for Hass Avocados right now. However there is still no great value avocados available in the market unfortunately. Demand has been outstripping supply for a couple of years now because of their increase in popularity, so until growers (and new growers) can catch up with new plantations, price will continue to be firm.

Bananas – Very good quality and value.

Berries – Strawberries are coming from Victoria. Quality should be very good this week.. Blueberries are also very good quality and value.

Cherries – I have started to buy premium quality cherries. I will make 2kg boxes available from next week.

Grapes – There is some new season Australian fruit trickling into the market, but price is very high. Best to wait another week or so for some decent supplies to hit the market.

Kiwifruit – The Australian and New Zealand seasons have finished. From now until about April next year, fruit will be imported from Italy. I don’t buy kiwifruit during this time.

Lemons – Very expensive at the moment – very scarce.

Limes – Remain expensive

Mandarins – The season is over – the new season will start in about April next year.

Mangoes – The QLD Kensington Pride season is in full swing. Quality is excellent. I will make trays available from next week.

Oranges – Valencias are in season – very juicy and good flavour.

Pineapples – Topless pines are still good, although they are slowly coming to the end of their season.

Rockmelons – Scarce at the moment, as the season changes from QLD to Northern Territory.

Stonefruit – White or Yellow flesh?  This coming week I will be most likely buying yelllow nectarines and white peaches. Because it is only the start of the season, supply and quality are sometimes hard to predict. As the season progresses I will be able to specify in advance which colour the fruit will be.