Market Update



The recent rain over most growing areas in QLD, VIC and NSW is great for growers in the medium to long term, but in the short term it has affected the availability and quality of many items.

Particularly, the quality of anything which is green and leafy will be affected – leaves may turn yellow very quickly, turn mushy or even mouldy. This is just a result of a high amount of water within the plant, together with high humidity and warm air.

Australian Asparagus – Unavailable – very scarce

Broccoli from Tasmania is very good quality.

Capsicums – Good quality reds and value from South Australia right now, however market price is high.

Cucumbers – Very good quality and value for locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers.

Tomatoes – Cherry Toms are very good value right now. Round field grown tomatoes are good also, Romas are scarce

Zucchini – very good / locally grown.



Apples – New season Galas are available and quality is very good. PInk Ladys and Granny Smiths are cold stored from last year, but with modern technology, the quality remains excellent.

Avocados – Have been very expensive the last few weeks – price eased slightly at the end of last week.

Bananas – Good value and quality right now.

Berries – Blueberries and Raspberries are generally very good quality and value, depending on where they have been grown and the weather there. The worst thing for berries is rain just before they are to be picked – this is the main cause if they ever turn mushy quickly. As always I will buy the best quality and refund and not include if quality is not the best.

Cherries – Tasmanian season. Quality is very good but prices are high as is normal for this time of year. The export market is strong for cherries – that’s the main reason they are so expensive.

Grapes – Quality is very good. Prices are still firm, but should improve over the coming weeks. Crimson are now available – quality is very good.

Kiwifruit – The New Zealand season is over. From now until about April next year, Kiwifruit will be imported from Italy – which I tend to avoid.

Lemons – Very scarce / Expensive.

Limes – Good quality and value.

Mangoes – The season for Kensington Pride has finished. Other varieties are available but quality can be hit and miss and the eating quality is not as good as KP’s, therefore I have stopped buying mangoes.

Oranges – Valencias are now in season – quality is good.

Pineapples – Quality and value is very good.

Rockmelons – Quality and value are very good.

Stonefruit – Peaches are in full swing, Nectarines starting to come on also. Apricots season has finished – just a few sprinklings from Tasmania. Plums are very good and will continue to improve over coming weeks.

Strawberries – Victorian season – quality and value very good.

Watermelon – Quality is now very good.