Market Update

With the exception of Dates from USA, and Garlic from Spain, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.

Local flooding back in March destroyed quite a few crops. Herbs and leafy greens were the main crops impacted, and market prices will be higher for the next few weeks.

When unpacking your produce, it should always be handled with utm.ost care to prevent damage and bruising. Vegetables will store best in plastic bags or tupperware to prevent them from drying out in the fridge – this is especially true for carrots and broccoli. Most fruits will generally stay fresher in the fridge. However, to maximise flavour, tomatoes should not be refrigerated.


Although market prices are a bit higher, the quality is excellent for many vegetables varieties right now. 

Asparagus – Australian season has finished. Currently imported from South America. We will resume buying around September when the new season commences.

Beans – Quality and value are good as the Queensland season kicks in.

Broccoli – Quality and value are very good.

Brussels Sprouts – In season – very good quality and value.

Capsicums – Reds and greens from QLD – good quality and value.

Cauliflower – We are sourcing locally grown. Quality and value are very good.

Corn – The Queensland season has started – quality and value good.

Cucumbers – Locally grown. Market price has been high the last few weeks but some signs it is on the way down.

Ginger – Expensive right now. We always choose old season ginger, which has a thicker skin and more flavour. Young,  new season ginger, although cheaper, has a thin or no skin layer, less flavour and does not last as long.

Lettuce – Baby Cos and Iceberg now good quality. All salad leaf varieties are very good quality.

Potatoes – New season Desirees are excellent.

Pumpkins – Very good quality and value.

Snowpeas – Locally grown. Quality and value are good.

Tomatoes – Regular round, field grown tomatoes are very good right now. Truss are good value also, however for flavour, field tomatoes are usually a better option. The supply of Cherry and Grape tomatoes is also starting to improve, after the recent local flooding.

Zucchini – Local crops were affected by the recent floods, so now coming from QLD. Quality and value are good.



Apples – We are stocking the new variety, ‘Ambrosia’. They are crisp, juicy and have a delicate, sweet flavour- apparently a cross between Red and Golden Delcious. New season Galas, Pink Lady and Granny Smith are all very good quality. Galas should be stored in the fridge, as they can tend to tend to floury if left out in a warm kitchen. Pink Lady’s are now in season – price should come down over the coming weeks. Jazz Apples are also coming into season.

Avocados -Shepards are in season and quality is very good. Hass will resume in a couple of weeks. Shepards sometimes get a bad rap – which is underserved. They are creamy and flavoursome. They are not as hardy as a Hass, so if bought from a store it is common for them to be bruised. If they are handled carefully this shouldn’t be an issue. Also, maybe people cut them before they are ripe. They are ready to eat when they yield to gentle pressure. Unlike Hass, their skin will stay green even when ripe. 

Bananas – Quality and value very good.

Berries – This time of year is not the best for berries. All varieties are very scarce, and will be expensive for the next few weeks at least. The best way to extend the life of berries is to remove them from their punnet and place on paper towel in the fridge. Only wash immediately prior to eating.

Figs – Season has finished.

Grapes – Thompson Seedless have finished. Crimson Seedless will keep going for another month or 2.

Kiwifruit – The Australian season has just started – fruit is still not quite ready though – we’ll probably start them next week.

Lemons – Australian season in full swing – excellent quality and value.

Limes – Very good value and quality.

Mandarines – The new season is in full swing. Quality and value are excellent.

Oranges – Navels season is just starting. Market price is high now, but will come down over the coming weeks.

Pineapples – Good quality and value for topless pines.

Rockmelons – QLD rockmelons are good quality – large size.

Stonefruit – Plums are coming to the end of their season – a few weeks left. Nectarines and Peaches are done.  Kensington Pride mangoes will start around September.

Pears – We are buying new season Packams – fresh off the trees – nice eating.

Watermelon – Seedless is very scarce and expensive right now.