Market Update – 11th February


The recent hot weather has affected the supply of some vegetable varieties. Hopefully availability will settle down over the coming weeks. Cauliflower and red capsicums are particularly scarce. Corn and eggplants are plentiful. The quality of broccoli is good (although appearance can be hit and miss due to the unfavourable weather). Locally grown zucchini and cucumbers are very good.

Avocados – Shepherds are starting to come into the market which should bring down their price. The Hass variety has been in such short supply lately that prices have been pushed to prices never before seen.

Mangoes – The last of the Kensington Pride have come into the market – so we are winding them up now. The other later season varieties such as Kent are decent. We will assess over the coming days and decide whether they are good enough to make available.

Stonefruit – Quality continues to be very good although peaches and nectarines are nearing the end of their season. Australian apricots have finished – now sourced from New Zealand. Plums are very good and will continue for at least a few more weeks.

Apples – New season Galas have started. Fresh off the trees, crisp and juicy – but need to be kept away from heat (eg ovens or direct sunlight) otherwise they will turn floury very quickly.

Bananas – price is slightly higher.

Berries – Strawberries are a day to day proposition. Quality is generally good, however they need to be eaten with a day or 2. Price for large fruit is up so we are buying medium sized which are better value. Blueberries continue to eat well although price is gradually on the rise.

Grapes – Both Thompson and Crimson seedless are in season and very good quality.