Market Update

With the exception of Dates from USA, and Garlic from Spain, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.

When unpacking your produce, it should be handled as carefully as possible to minimise damage and bruising. Vegetables will store best in plastic bags or tupperware to prevent them from drying out in the fridge –  especially for carrots and broccoli. Most fruits will generally stay fresher in the fridge. However, to maximise flavour, tomatoes should not be refrigerated.


Unavourable weather conditions interstate and changes in season have lead to limited supplies of some varieties, including Beans and Broccoli. Locally grown vegetables are mostly excellent quality and value

Asparagus – Australian season  – remains very good quality and value, however the season will soon come to an end as the weather becomes warmer

Beans – Scarce. Quality has improved however market price remains high

Broccoli – Supply has tightened and price is higher than usual

Brussels Sprouts – Out of season / unavailable. Sprouts require cold weather to thrive

Capsicums – Good quality. Market price is up however, as the season transitions from QLD to South Australia

Carrots – Premium quality, tender and sweet. It’s always best to store carrots in a plastic bag or tupperware, to prevent them from drying out and turning limp.

Caulitflower – Locally grown, excellent quality and value

Cucumbers – Locally grown and in season. Excellent quality and value

Lettuce – The quality of mixed leaf, baby spinach and roquette has been very good. Locally grown Iceberg are excellent quality and value

Snowpeas / Sugarsnap – Locally grown. Excellent quality and value right now

Tomatoes – QLD season  – round tomatoes

Zucchini – Local season has started – excellent quality and value.


Winter varieties are in full swing. Apples, Kiwi,  Navel Oranges and Mandarins all all very good quality and value.

Apples –  Coming to the end of the season, however quality is very good for Pink Lady and Granny Smith

Avocados – Hass from Central Coast NSW are excellent quality and value

Bananas – Market price has come down over the last week – but still above average

Blueberries – Rain in northern NSW has limited the supply of Blueberries

Grapes – The Australian season has just started. Very expensive however, but price should come down in the coming weeks. We will start buying soon

Kiwifruit – Season for green and gold are over

Lemons – Excellent quality and value

Mandarins –  Season is over

Mangoes – Northern Territory season has finished. We are now waiting for the QLD season to start. In the meantime R2 E2’s are very good

Oranges –  Valencias are in season – very good quality

Passionfruit – Will be very scarce for the next few weeks as growing areas change – currently unavailable

Pears – Coming to the end of their season, however quality remains very good

Pineapples – Very good quality and value

Rockmelons – Very good quality and value

Stonefruit – Apricots are in full swing – very good flavour. Good supplies Nectarines and Peaches are coming into the market in quality is improving each week

Strawberries – The Victorian season has started – very good quality and value. The best way to extend the life of berries is to remove them from their punnet and place on paper towel in the fridge. Only wash them just prior to eating.

Watermelon – Very good quality and value