Market Update

We are currently in between the Summer and Winter seasons so the variety of good quality produce is less than usual.

The stonefruit season is winding up. Mandarines, Navel Oranges and Kiwifruit will commence soon. Hopefully the supply of Passionfruit and Berries will improve.


The Market price of a few vegetables is higher than average right now. This is due to unfavourable growing conditions, particularly rain in QLD and widespread hot weather a few weeks back. Although the signs are that supply is improving and prices will settle.

The quality and price of Beans has improved so I am buying again.

Locally grown Cucumbers should be plentiful this week.

Red Capsicums are scarce as the season changes from QLD to Sth Aust.


Apples – New season Galas and Fuji’s have started. Fresh off the trees, crisp and juicy. Galas need to be kept away from any heat (eg ovens or direct sunlight) otherwise they tend to turn floury.

Avocados – Shepherds are in season and price is coming down. Hopefully this trend will continue. Shepherds are a very good eating avocado. The main issue with them is that they bruise easily and ripeness is determined by touch rather than colour. So they are not popular with shopkeepers / supermarkets, where customers tend to poke and squeeze them – perfect for home delivery though.

Bananas – Price and quality are good.

Berries – I am holding off buying strawberries and blueberries just at the moment. The quality isn’t great due to unfavourable weather. We will continue to keep an eye on them and make available as soon as quality is consistently good.

Grapes – The season for Thompson seedless (green grapes) has finished.  Crimson seedless are still in season and the quality is very good.

Mandarins – Some fruit is coming into the market. I will

Rockmelons – I understand customers concerns with the health outbreak associated with rockmelons. I have stopped buying them until further notice.

Stonefruit – With the exception of plums, the stonefruit season is pretty much over. There are still a few late-season peaches and nectarines coming in the market, however quality is hit and miss. Plums will continue for a few more weeks.