Market Update

With the exception of Dates from USA, and Garlic currently from Spain, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.

When unpacking your produce, it should be handled as carefully as possible to minimise damage and bruising. Vegetables will store best in plastic bags or tupperware to prevent them from drying out in the fridge – this is especially true for carrots and broccoli. Most fruits will generally stay fresher in the fridge. However, to maximise flavour, tomatoes should not be refrigerated.


Quality and value is very good for most varieties, with the exception of Cucumbers and Corn. A key issue for many growers is finding enough workers to pick the vegetables, which may limit supply to the Market.

Asparagus – Currently imported from South America. We will resume buying around August / September when the Australian season commences.

Beans – QLD season – good value and quality.

Broccoli – Our grower, Gerard, from the the Windsor region has started harvesting his crop. Excellent value, picked the day before your delivery.

Brussels Sprouts – Victorian season – very good quality and value.

Capsicums – Reds and greens are from QLD now – the local season has finished. Quality and value are very good.

Carrots – We are buying new season Tasmanian – very tender and sweet. It’s always best to store carrots in a plastic bag or tupperware, to prevent them from drying out and turning limp.

Cauliflower – We are sourcing locally grown from Freeman’s Reach. Very good quality and value.

Corn – Locally season has finished. QLD season now – unfortunately quite scarce so market price is high. Quality is very good.

Cucumbers – We are buying locally grown. Scare due to the cooler weather, and price is very high.

Ginger – Good supplies of new season ginger.

Lettuce – All salad leaf varieties are very good quality. 

Mushrooms – Supplies are limited, and market price is up.

Potatoes – New season Desirees are excellent. Cocktail and Brushed also very good.

Pumpkins – Good quality and value.

Snowpeas – Locally grown. Very good quality and value.

Tomatoes – The QLD season has commenced and as a result quality and value have improved over the last week. Cherry and Grape tomatoes have come down in price also.

Zucchini – The local season has finished due to the cooler weather. Most of the market is supplied from QLD over Winter.



Apples –  Pink Lady, Jazz, Golden Delicious, Fujis and Granny Smith are all in season.

Avocados – We are buying Hass – quality and value are excellent. A bumper crop this year!

Bananas – Market price has improved slightly over the last week.

Berries – The QLD strawberry season is gradually gaining momentum. Quality and value are improving each week. Blueberries are good at the moment. Raspberries are currently very scarce – supply is inconsistent so we have stopped buying for the moment. The best way to extend the life of berries is to remove them from their punnet and place on paper towel in the fridge. Only wash them just before eating.

Figs – Out of season.

Grapes – Out of season. Grapes at this time of the year are imported from USA. We have decided to only buy Australian grown grapes, which will start around December.

Kiwifruit – The New Zealand season is starting – very good quality. Gold Kiwi are also in peak season.

Lemons – Australian season in full swing – excellent quality and value.

Limes – Market price has increased over the last week or so, due to limited supplies.

Mandarines – The South Australian season is in full swing and quality is excellent. The South Australian fruit tends to have a tangier, fuller flavour than the earlier season QLD fruit – which have now finished.

Mangoes – The Northern Territory season has started very early this year! Supply is inconsistent however – we may start buying in a week or two.

Oranges – South Australian Navel oranges are in season – excellent flavour and juice. Best time of year for oranges.

Pineapples – Topless pineapples are in season – very good quality and value.

Rockmelons – QLD rockmelons are very good quality and value.

Stonefruit – The season is over. Mangoes will start around September / October.

Pears – We are buying new season Packams – fresh off the trees – nice eating. Corellas and Bosc (brown skin) are also available.

Watermelon – The supply of seedless has improved as the new season starts to kick in.