Market Update – 22nd October 2018



Quality and value are generally very good for most vegetable varieties. Although with the current widespread rain, there may be some minor supply and quality issues over the coming week.

All lettuce varieties are very good quality and value, although the wet weather may lead to some leaves breaking down sooner than usual.

Asparagus is in peak season – excellent quality and value.

Cucumbers are now in peak season and excellent value. I am sourcing locally grown Lebanese cucumbers which are delicious – tender and sweet.

Red Capsicums are very good – although some fruit is breaking down because of the rain. We will keep a keen eye on their quality this week.

Broccoli, Cauliflowers, Snowpeas, Sugarsnaps and Leeks are in season very good quality and value.


The quality and value of most fruit varieties is excellent at the moment.

Apples – I am currently buying Pink Lady, Jazz, Fuji and Granny Smiths. This year’s apple season is gradually coming to an end, so the price for premium fruit is slightly higher than in previous weeks. Also quality will gradually decline until the new season starts in February 2019. They will still be very good – but maybe not always taste as fresh – particularly after a few days in the fruit bowl.

Avocados – Market supply has tightened again unfortunately –  meaning high prices. The variety and brand I am buying are creamy and good value, however slightly smaller than usual.

Bananas – Unfavourable weather has affected the supply of bananas just now. Market price is up and there may be some issues with marks on the skin as they ripen. Fruit inside is still very good.

Berries – Both strawberries and blueberries are back on this week. New season strawberries will come from Victoria and the best Blueberries will be sent from northern QLD. Quality should be very good.

Grapes – Out of season. Any fruit in the market / supermarkets right now will have been imported from USA. The new season will start around December.

Limes – extremely scarce – too expensive to stock right now.

Mandarins – South Australian late season Mandarines are still available – quality is still very good. Probably only a week or two to go in the season.

Mangoes – Kensington Prides are coming down from the Northern Territory. Quality is excellent and price should come down over the coming weeks.

Oranges – Navel Oranges are still very good – although at the end of their season. Valencias will take over very soon.

Pineapples – Topless pines are in season. Quality and value is excellent.

Rockmelons – Quality and value is very good. To eliminate the very small chance of bacteria on the surface, they can be washed with water and/or some vinegar before cutting.

Stonefruit – Peaches and Nectarines are almost ready – I’ll most likely start next week. The recent rain has delayed the picking of fruit, and any fruit that was picked may have problems with early breakdown. Another week on the trees and they should be ready to go.