Market Update

With the exception of Dates and Garlic from Mexico, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.


Asparagus – Australian season has finished. Very scarce, scarce and imported from South America. We are not currently buying.

Beans – Hand pickedĀ  – quality is very good,

Broccoli – We are buying Tasmanian this week. Quality is very good.

Capsicums – Reds from South Australia – very good quality and value. Locally grown greens are very good.

Cauliflower – Market price is very high right now – avoid if possible.

Corn – Price has fallen over recent weeks as the local season has started – very good quality and value.

Cucumbers – Locally grown – excellent quality and value.

Ginger – Expensive right now – quality is very good

Lettuce – We are sourcing locally grown iceberg – excellent quality and value. Salad leaves are all very good quality.

Potatoes – Quality and value is very good.

Pumpkins – Good quality and value.

Snowpeas – Locally grown. Price is high due to recent rain.

Tomatoes – From QLD right now – quality and value are very good. Truss are particularly good value right now.

Zucchini – Local, freshly picked – quality and value are very good.



Apples – Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Jazz are available. Out of season, however quality remains good. New season Galas will start in a few weeks.

Avocados – Still very scarce. At this time of year the majority of Avocados are from WA. Earlier in the year there were severe storms there which damaged crops – so supply is tight and market price is high unfortunately. There is some cheap New Zealand fruit in the market – it’s risky though – often quality issues. We will stick with the West Aussie fruit. Shephards are starting soon which should hopefully bring down price.

Bananas – Quality and value are very good.

Berries – Victorian strawberries are a bit scarce right now. Blueberries are good value. Raspberries are coming from Tasmania – quality should be good this week.

Grapes – We are buying green seedless grapes – quality and value are very good. We will start on Crimsons very soon.

Kiwifruit – New Zealand season has come to an end. Currently imported from Italy – we aren’t buying right now.

Lemons – Remain scarce.

Limes – Good value and quality.

Oranges – Valencias are in season – they are not as sweet as a navel, however very juicy.

Pineapples – As weather becomes warmer in growing regions, topless sweet pines may start to break down in spots. We will stick with them again this week, however soon it may be best to go for the pines with tops, which are less sweet.

Rockmelons – QLD rockmelons are now in good supply.

Stonefruit – Mangoes are from QLD – quality is excellent. Nectarines and Peaches are very good. Plums are just starting. Apricots are coming to the end of their season. Cherries are very good – however only 2 or 3 weeks left.

Pears – Packam pears are coming to the end of their season. Bosc and Corellas have finished.

Watermelon – Quality and value are very good right now