Market Update – 12 August 2018



The cold weather has recently slowed the growth of a few locally grown vegetables, however supply has started to improve as the weather becomes milder. Quality and value are generally very good for most varieties.

Basil and Lebanese Cucumbers are still particularly scarce and very expensive.


The quality and value of most fruit varieties is excellent at the moment.

Apples – In peak season – quality is excellent. I am buying Pink Lady, Jazz, Fuji and Granny Smiths this week. The Pink Lady’s are non-waxed.

Avocados – The supply of Hass Avocados is very good.

Bananas – Quality and value is very good. However their skin may appear slightly dull and may develop brown marks in the fruit bowl. This is a natural result of the colder weather in QLD.

Berries – QLD strawberries are in season. Quality is excellent and value is very good. QLD produces the best strawberries of the year and will be available from now until late August.

Grapes – Their season is over. There are a few Australian grapes in the market however they will have been cold-stored for a few months and quality isn’t great. Otherwise they will have been imported from USA.

Mandarins – South Australian late season Mandarines are in season – quality is very good. Juicy and sweet with minimal seeds.

Oranges – Navel Oranges are in peak season. The grower I am buying is particularly good quality right now.

Pineapples – Winter topless pines are in season, but a little scarce.

Rockmelons – Rockmelons are back on. Quality and value is very good. To negate the very remote chance of any bacteria on the surface, they should be washed with water and/or some vinegar before cutting.

Stonefruit – The Australian stonefruit season is officially over. Mangoes usually start around September with Peaches and Nectarines hitting the market around October.