Market Update



Quality and value are very good for almost all vegetable varieties, due mainly to favourable weather conditions in growing areas.

Australian Asparagus is now in season – excellent quality and value.

Locally grown Sugarsnap peas will be plentiful for the next couple of weeks. A versatile replacement for Snowpeas in salads and stir-fries.

Cucumbers have become plentiful over the last week – locally grown, excellent quality and value.

Both red and green capsicums are quite expensive.



Apples – This week I’ll be buying premium quality Pink Ladys and Jazz from Victoria and Galas and Granny Smiths from Batlow; all are excellent quality, however the market price for quality fruit has increased slightly in recent weeks, as the season comes toward the end.

Avocados – Quality and value are very good right now for Hass. Increased popularity for avocados over the last few years has put some pressure on supply, however it seems growers may be catching up thankfully.

Bananas – Good value and quality right now.

Blueberries and Raspberries – Good supplies of Blueberries in the market – very good quality. I am holding off on Raspberries just for the moment until quality and value are more consistent.

Grapes – Crimson Seedless are coming to the end of their season – and picking has finished. There is still fruit in the market however quality is declining. Any grapes available in the shops now will have been cold stored, and after another few weeks USA grapes will be all that is available. The new season will commence in December.

Kiwifruit – The New Zealand season will wind up in a month or so.

Lemons – Excellent quality and value.

Limes – Good quality and value.

Mandarins – The season for Imperial Mandarines has finished. I am now buying Afourers which have been excellent so far – sweet, juicy and minimal to no seeds.

Oranges – Navels are in season and quality is excellent.

Pineapples – Topless Pines are in season. Quality and value are very good – sweet and juicy.

Rockmelons – Quality and value is very good.

Stonefruit – Mangoes are now in season – quality is very good and, weather permitting, price will come down a bit over the coming weeks.

Strawberries –  The QLD season is coming to an end. I am buying new season WA fruit which are better quality. The Victorian season should start in the next few weeks

Watermelon – Market price remains high, quality is generally very good. Price should hopefully come down over the coming weeks.