Market Update

With the exception of Dates from USA, and Garlic currently from Spain, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.

When unpacking your produce, it should be handled as carefully as possible to minimise damage and bruising. Vegetables will store best in plastic bags or tupperware to prevent them from drying out in the fridge Рthis is especially true for carrots and broccoli. Most fruits will generally stay fresher in the fridge. However, to maximise flavour, tomatoes should not be refrigerated.


Quality and value is very good for most varieties. An issue for many growers is finding enough workers to pick the vegetables, which may limit supply to the Market.

Asparagus – The Australian season is just starting. Price has come down – excellent quality and value.

Beans – QLD season – good value and quality.

Broadbeans – Locally grown and in peak season. Very good quality and value.

Broccoli – Locally grown. Excellent value, picked the day before your delivery.

Brussels Sprouts – Victorian season is coming to an end. Probably the last week they will be available for some time.

Capsicums – Reds and greens are from QLD at this time of year.

Carrots – We are buying new season Tasmanian – very tender and sweet. It’s always best to store carrots in a plastic bag or tupperware, to prevent them from drying out and turning limp.

Cauliflower – We are sourcing locally grown from Freeman’s Reach. Excellent quality and value.

Corn – QLD season. Quality is ok, market price higher than average.

Cucumbers – We are buying locally grown. Quality is very good. Market price is high but should come down over the coming weeks as the weather becomes warmer.

Ginger – Good supplies – very good quality and value.

Lettuce – All salad leaf varieties are very good quality. Locally grown Iceberg are very good quality and value.

Potatoes – New season Desirees, Cocktail and Brushed are all very good.

Pumpkins – Good quality and value.

Snowpeas – Locally grown. Very good quality. Sugarsnap are also very good right now.

Tomatoes – QLD season. Rain in growing areas has delayed picking, so market prices are quite high. Cherry and Grape tomatoes are locally grown and very good value.

Zucchini – QLD season at this time of year. Market price has increased over the last week.


Apples –¬† Pink Lady, Jazz, Golden Delicious, Galas and Granny Smith are all in season.

Avocados – We are buying Hass – quality and value are excellent. A bumper crop this year!

Bananas – Good quality and value

Berries – The QLD strawberry season will conclude over the next couple of weeks, and quality may gradually decline between now and then. Blueberries from northern NSW remain plentiful and sweet. Raspberries are currently very scarce – supply is inconsistent so we have stopped buying for the moment. The best way to extend the life of berries is to remove them from their punnet and place on paper towel in the fridge. Only wash them just before eating.

Figs – Out of season.

Grapes – Out of season. Grapes at this time of the year are imported from USA. We have decided to only buy Australian grown grapes, which will start around December.

Kiwifruit – The New Zealand season – very good quality. Gold Kiwi are also in peak season and are delicious. There is only large fruit available in the market, and they are quite expensive, but well worth it.

Lemons – Australian season in full swing – excellent quality and value.

Limes – Market price has increased over the last week or so, due to limited supplies.

Mandarines – Imperials have finished. We are now buying seedless Afourers – sweet and juicy.

Mangoes – The Northern Territory season has started. Quality and value is improving each week.

Oranges – South Australian Navel oranges are in season – excellent flavour and juice. Blood Oranges are coming to the end – probably their final week.

Pineapples – Topless pineapples are in season – very good quality and value.

Rockmelons – QLD rockmelons are very good quality. Price is a little higher than average.

Stonefruit – Peaches and Nectarines should start some time in October.

Tangelos – Season has finished.

Pears – Packam and Corellas are in season. We have finished Bosc pears as they tend to break down at this time of year, due to the warmer weather.

Watermelon – Very good quality right now.