Market Update



Quality and value are very good for most vegetable varieties.

The colder growing conditions have slowed the growth of some varieties, however there is generally very good quality and value available in the market right now.

Broccoli, leafy greens Capsicums and Cucumbers are very good value.

The supply of locally grown Snowpeas has improved.


Apples – This week I’ll be buying Pink Lady, Gala, Granny Smith¬† and Jazz – all new season and very good quality.

Avocados – Quality and value are very good right now for Hass. Demand for avocados has been outstripping supply for a couple of years now because of their increase in popularity, so until growers can catch up with new plantations, price will continue to be firm.

Bananas – Very good quality and value.

Blueberries and Raspberries – I have started buying blueberries again – quality is excellent. I will keep an eye on Raspberries this week – if supply is consistent I will get back on them also. Generally this time of year is not the best for good value berries (except Strawberries)

Grapes – Crimson Seedless are coming to the end of their season – and picking has finished. There is still fruit in the market however quality is declining. Any grapes available in the shops now will have been cold stored, and after another few weeks USA grapes will be all that is available. The new season will commence in December.

Kiwifruit – The New Zealand season has started and quality is very good for both gold and green.

Lemons – Excellent quality and value.

Limes – Good quality and value.

Mandarins – Imperial Mandarines are in season – excellent quality and value. Picking region has switched from QLD to South Australia.

Oranges – Navels are in season and quality is excellent.

Papaya – From Northern QLD – quality and value is very good.

Pineapples – Topless Pines are in season. Quality and value are very good – sweet and juicy.

Rockmelons – New season fruit from the Northern Territory has commenced. At this time of year, the available varieties will have a firmer texture. They are still juicy, sweet and flavoursome.

Stonefruit – The season has finished until Mangoes start around October.

Strawberries –¬† The Queensland season is in full swing. Quality is now excellent, however their price in the market is still firm. There is a chance their will be some better value in the next week or so.

Watermelon – Quality and value are good.