Market Update

With the exception of Dates from USA, and Garlic from Spain, all produce we deliver is Australian grown, and locally sourced wherever possible.

When unpacking your produce, it should be handled as carefully as possible to minimise damage and bruising. Vegetables will store best in plastic bags or tupperware to prevent them from drying out in the fridge – this is especially true for carrots and broccoli. Most fruits will generally stay fresher in the fridge. However, to maximise flavour, tomatoes should not be refrigerated.



Our egg supplier has raised the price of their eggs, mainly due to a large increase in the cost of grain used to feed the birds. The cost of a dozen free range will rise to $7 from 1st July – it is possible there may be further increases. The international supply or grain is a world-wide issue, largely due to the Russia / Ukraine situation.

Hunter Valley Free Range are a premium quality egg, with a very low density of less than 950 birds per hectare. Many other free range brands have up to 10,000 birds per hectare.


Recent wet weather across growing areas is impacting the supply of quite a few varieties, and prices are higher than average. The flooding in NSW a month or so ago is still affecting the supply of herbs and leafy greens. The more recent heavy falls in QLD have made many vegetables very scarce, such as Beans, Snowpeas and Iceberg lettuce. The supply issues are temporary and should hopefully ease in the coming weeks.

Asparagus – The Australian season starts around August.

Beans – QLD season – supply has been impacted by heavy rain, very scarce and expensive – we are not buying for the moment.

Broccoli – Very good quality and price has come down

Brussels Sprouts – In peak season. Quality and value are very good.

Capsicums – Reds and green are good quality value right now.

Carrots – We are buying new season Tasmanian – very tender and sweet. It’s always best to store carrots in a plastic bag or tupperware, to prevent them from drying out and turning limp.

Cabbages – In very short supply due to recent flooding.

Cauliflower – Quality is very good, however price is higher than average.

Corn – We will be buying locally grown corn this week – quality and value ok.

Cucumbers – Locally grown. Quality is very good and the market price has come down in the last week.

Herbs – Locally grown herbs will be in very short supply for the foreseeable future due to recent local flooding. Prices are up.

Ginger – We are buying very good quality new season which is also good value.

Leeks – Remain scarce.

Lettuce – Iceberg is very scarce – we are temporarily not buying.  Salad mix, baby spinach and rocket are all very good quality, however there are supply issues and market prices have risen. Rocket is the hardest to source, and we have stopped buying for the moment.

Potatoes – New season Desirees, Cocktail and Brushed are all very good.

Pumpkins – Very good quality and value

Snowpeas – Very scarce and very expensive. Sugarsnaps are no longer in season.

Tomatoes – Supply has improved and prices are back to near normal. Cherry tomatoes are still expensive.

Zucchini – Very scarce and very expensive.


With the exception of berries, which are scarce due to heavy rains in QLD and the NSW north coast, most fruits are generally very good quality and value right now.

Apples –  We are buying new season Galas, Pink Lady, Fuji and Granny Smith. All varieties are excellent quality and value.

Avocados – We are buying Hass. Excellent quality and value.

Bananas – Very good quality and value.

Berries – All berries have been affected by rains, particularly in QLD and the North Coast. Quality is very good, and prices appear to hopefully be on the way down. The best way to extend the life of berries is to remove them from their punnet and place on paper towel in the fridge. Only wash them just before eating.

Figs – Out of season

Grapes – Australian season has finished.

Kiwifruit – New Zealand season is just starting. Quality and value are very good and will improve over the coming weeks.

Lemons – Supply has improved. Quality and value very good

Limes – Very good quality and value

Mandarines – The South Australian and Victorian seasons have started for Imperials – very good quality and value.

Oranges – The South Australian season has started – very good quality.

Pears – New season Packams are very good, as are Bosc and Corellas.

Pineapples – Very good quality and value.

Rockmelons – Quality and value are good.

Stonefruit – Australian season is over.

Watermelon – End of the season, so expensive – quality ok. Waiting for new season fruit to start in the next few weeks.